On TV Shows and Reading Slumps

I have not finished a book in WEEKS. The last book I finished was back in the beginning of July. And college starts in exactly two weeks, so you’d think I would be reading a lot more now in case I don’t have time later. Nope. Why, you ask? Let’s start with a fun fact about me: I have absolutely NO SELF CONTROL when it comes to addictive TV shows. None. AT ALL. When I start a TV show, I don’t stop watching until I have finished every episode, the spin-offs, the cast interviews and sometimes, other shows the cast have been in. I just make my life very complicated.

***Warning: Slight spoilers ahead for Arrow and the Flash. Very slight though, nothing big***

Back to the issue, I have recently discovered CW’s Arrow.

giphy (2)

Awesome show by the way, you should definitely watch if you don’t. Of course I had to binge watch all the episodes on Netflix and I was just innocently watching until season 4 when who comes along? Barry Allen, as in the Flash. As if one show ruining my life wasn’t enough, now I just had to start watching the Flash because I needed to know THE WHOLE STORY. And it doesn’t help that the two shows keep crossing over so I also have to watch both of them in order alternatively. I am very adamant about watching shows in order, even the ones where you don’t necessarily have to. Order matters people, ORDER MATTERS. (Honestly though, the crossover episodes are my favorites. I mean, how awesome are these two?

giphy (3)

Oh, you think that’s the end of my dilemma? NO! Because then what happens? Two more shows that will also feature some of the same characters happen. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the second season of Supergirl (which will now be on the CW) are also being added to the Arrowverse. And it isn’t like I would ever start a show at Season 2 so of course I now have to go watch season 1 of Supergirl. So now, little me has FOUR shows to watch in order. And I’m not even counting the shows outside this universe.

I know what you’re thinking: Well, Shouni, you really don’t have to. YOU ARE WRONG.

Goodreads Challenge

And Goodreads is just being plain mean at this point.

So if any of you are wondering why I haven’t posted a book review since June, I have been sucked into a void. There’s really no hope of escape.

Do you get addicted to shows? What shows are you currently addicted to?

6 thoughts on “On TV Shows and Reading Slumps

  1. First of all… I’m immensely amused by this post. It’s great really great. I feel your pain. Here’s a tip, unless you really want to… don’t watch Dr Who unless you want to sell your soul to trying to watch all of the new and all of the classic PLUS all the spinoff (Torchwood [btw Torchwood has John Barrowman who is in Arrow, haven’t seen Arrow yet though because Green Arrow isn’t my favorite person right now], ok Torchwood is the only one that is relevant to the actual show the rest are not) Right now I’m on a DC kick so I’ve just finished rewatching Season one of Young Justice and might start Season Two. I’m also watching the first Batman cartoon, Batman the Animated Series. And I’m dabbling with Justice League. Anyway, I saw this and wanted to let you know that I feel your pain and I understand. By the way, I’m still trying to get caught up with Dr Who and I haven’t even touched the classic Who.


    1. Aww… thanks Cindy.
      What???!!! John Barrowman as in Malcom Merlyn??!! He’s awesome! Why would you do this to me, I have to go watch Dr. Who now. But honestly, this is one of the reasons I haven’t started Dr. Who, there are way too many episodes and binge watching all those will kill me. This is why I don’t usually start new shows, because I know when I do, I will not stop. (Same thing happened with Downton Abbey, finished it in two weeks and that was during school). If you’re on a DC kick, you have got to start Arrow. It’s fantastic and show Green Arrow is pretty different from movie Green Arrow (I think. Haven’t actually seen most of the DC movies). Young Justice is great! Thank you for the reassurance, glad to know I’m not alone. But I’m trying to get better, promise!

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      1. John Barrowman pops up pretty quickly in the new Dr Who episodes (by new I mean with Christopher Eccleston the 9th doctor) he pops up a couple of times with the 10th but by then he’s with Torchwood. I’m assuming he has a decent role in Arrow. Maybe I will watch it.

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  2. Hahaha I love that you love the shows you start watching so much! I know I’m not like that because I don’t really watch shows much or get addicted to them when I do – even when I really like them. But these two are pretty popular and I’m glad you like them. Don’t stress about not reading much! You should only be reading when it’s fun anyway.

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    1. Getting overly addicted is not fun. Thankfully, I forced myself to stop and now I’m waiting until the next seasons come to Netflix. I’m also trying my hardest not to start any more shows but they keep making new ones and it’s just so hard!! I got over my reading slump just as classes started so it was no help.

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