100th Post!


I know, I know, it’s been a while since I published anything. And it had a lot to do with laziness and a little to do with the fact that this is my HUNDREDTH POST! (Whoa!! I seriously didn’t think I’d make it this far). I wanted to make this post special and I couldn’t figure out what to do and I started overthinking it.

Since I just did the Celebrating the Little Things tag where I thanked everyone who reads and has ever read my little blog, I’ll keep the thank you’s to a minimum. THANK YOU though!

This post is also supposed to be a little update because I’ve been horrible at posting the past two weeks. *sigh* those New Year resolutions clearly aren’t going well. I’m a mood blogger so I post when I feel up to it and I don’t post when I don’t. I seriously need to get better at scheduling posts. What do you guys do when you don’t feel like blogging? 

Life Updates: 

My classes are all packed together this semester and I’m usually so exhausted after coming home, I want to do nothing but watch YouTube videos. I do have a three day weekend though so that helps a lot since I’m not very productive when I have classes.

ALA Midwinter 2017 was in Atlanta this year! It was in January and it’s almost been a month! I ended up coming home with quite a few books and I’ll be posting those reviews soon (once I actually write them except I’m horrendous at writing reviews).

Does anyone else feel like February is zooming by? How is it already the 22nd?

I know this was a filler post but I just needed to write something. How are you guys doing today? 

7 thoughts on “100th Post!

  1. Congratulations on this being your 100th post! Isn’t it an amazing feeling to have been dedicated and working on your blog for this long? I know I remember my first milestone with posts. I am glad you had so much fun at that event as well! It’s always great to have new books 😀

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