Updates on Reading and Blogging


So yes, my updates have been very infrequent lately. I’ve published I think 3 posts in the past four months. It’s not entirely because I’ve been busy – I haven’t been so busy that I haven’t had any time to blog. I did have time but I didn’t feel like posting anything. I’ve also been in a semi-reading slump so that probably had to do with a lot of it.

I thought about quitting my blog a few times this summer, mostly because I had time but wasn’t posting. I would start a post, stare at the screen and then close it because I just didn’t feel like writing. But every time I finish a book, I want to come on here and write a review because this has been my life for the past five years and I don’t want to stop.

I’m a mood reader and a mood blogger. So I guess my blog will continue to be infrequently updated. I spent too much time and effort on my blog to completely abandon it.

I just wanted to post something so an update in my reading life.

I also have not been blog hopping much so please comment a link to your favorite post you’ve written recently and I will go check it out! Or leave a link to your blog in general and I’d love to go visit.

Recently Read

Currently Reading

Reading Next

What have you guys been reading? What are you planning on reading next? What’s your favorite blog post you’ve written recently?

Goals for 2018

Goals for 2018 (1)

Well, I’m posting my goals for 2018 one week into February so I’m already off to a great start 🙂 .

  • Post at least twice a month. I struggled with posting regularly towards the end of last year, even went on a mini hiatus. I have accepted that I most likely won’t have time to regularly blog anymore but I think I can do twice a month.
  • Visit other blogs once a week, especially people who I consider my blogger friends.
  • Do not request any books from NetGalley or Edelweiss unless I know I’m going to read it. I requested too many books last year and I still have a few I haven’t read yet. This starts making me feel guilty about not reading so when I do pick it up, it’s often not due to excitement but obligation.
  • Read at least 40 books. My goal last year was 40 too and I read exactly 40 so I’ll just keep that goal.
  • Read more books out of my comfort zone. I love YA but I feel like I miss out on a lot of good NA and Adult books. The majority of books I read will be Young Adult but I want to venture into other genres this year.
  • Listen to more audio books. More and more people are telling me about the magic of audio books. There have been a lot of times last year where I wanted to read but didn’t actually feel like reading and audio books seem like a great alternative.
  • Write at least 1500 words a week. At the beginning of the year, my goal was to write 500 words a day and it was an epic fail. So I settled on 1500 a week (which I already know is pushing it but we shall see).
  • Finish the first draft of my WIP. I am currently working on a high Fantasy loosely based on Islamic mythology (mostly Djinns). I want to have the first draft done by this year.
  • Go to YALLFest again. I went to YALLFest last year with three of my friends and it was an awesome trip. I’d love to go again this year!
  • Go to at least two author events. I’m lucky enough to be living in Atlanta where there are a lot of author events. I need to start going to more of these because I love meeting authors.


What are some of your goals of the year? Have you accomplished most of your 2017 goals?


Mini Hiatus

Mini Hiatus

Hello everyone! Just popping in for a brief second to let you guys know I will be even more absent around the blogosphere than usual. Finals are right around the corner (they’re starting next week, please send help) so I need to focus on that the next few days. My finals end on May 2nd so until then, farewell.

On a more positive turn, I just reached a 100 WordPress followers??!! That’s CRAZY! Thank you so much to everyone who follows and reads my posts. It means A LOT to me. You guys are the best!

Sorry this is a short post, I just wanted to drop by. Good luck to anyone else who has finals coming up! You can do it!


100th Post!


I know, I know, it’s been a while since I published anything. And it had a lot to do with laziness and a little to do with the fact that this is my HUNDREDTH POST! (Whoa!! I seriously didn’t think I’d make it this far). I wanted to make this post special and I couldn’t figure out what to do and I started overthinking it.

Since I just did the Celebrating the Little Things tag where I thanked everyone who reads and has ever read my little blog, I’ll keep the thank you’s to a minimum. THANK YOU though!

This post is also supposed to be a little update because I’ve been horrible at posting the past two weeks. *sigh* those New Year resolutions clearly aren’t going well. I’m a mood blogger so I post when I feel up to it and I don’t post when I don’t. I seriously need to get better at scheduling posts. What do you guys do when you don’t feel like blogging? 

Life Updates: 

My classes are all packed together this semester and I’m usually so exhausted after coming home, I want to do nothing but watch YouTube videos. I do have a three day weekend though so that helps a lot since I’m not very productive when I have classes.

ALA Midwinter 2017 was in Atlanta this year! It was in January and it’s almost been a month! I ended up coming home with quite a few books and I’ll be posting those reviews soon (once I actually write them except I’m horrendous at writing reviews).

Does anyone else feel like February is zooming by? How is it already the 22nd?

I know this was a filler post but I just needed to write something. How are you guys doing today? 

On Birthdays and Turning 20


Hello everyone! Just wanted to pop my head in and let everyone know, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I just turned twenty. Wow. It hasn’t quite hit me yet. I am no longer a “teenager” though honestly, I never understood what being a “teenager” meant when I was one.

I also wanted to let everyone know, classes have started again today. So you know how I have been pretty active on the blog lately? Yeah… that’s over, at least for a little while. I am horrible at scheduling posts and I almost never write my posts ahead of time. And if I’m not commenting on your blogs as much, you can blame it on my professors.

I know this was really short but I needed to check in.

When is your birthday?? So I can add it to my birthday calendar and then pretend I remembered it when I wish you.

2017 Goals


A very, very Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year is filled with awesome new characters, beautiful writing and new wonderful stories.

Goodreads Challenge:

My challenge is to again read 50 books this year. Since I failed my reading challenge in 2016 with only 38 books, I’m going to try reading more short stories/novellas and graphic novels. I haven’t read a single one this past year and that needs to change.

Blog Post Goals:

  • Post at-least once a week
  • Start doing another meme. Memes are a great way to find and interact with more people around the blogosphere. The only meme I’m currently doing is the Diversity Spotlight Thursdays and I know there are so many other good ones out there
  • Write some discussion posts. I love reading discussion posts on other blogs and I have ideas for them but I just don’t get around to writing them for some reason
  • Do more tags, they’re always a lot of fun

Blogosphere Goals:

  • Blog hop more! I’ve gotten better at blog-hopping and commenting on other blogs but I need to do it more often. I usually just read posts and like them without taking the time to comment
  • Be more active on Twitter

Life Goals:

  • Get an internship or a part time job. I am currently a college student and I need to start gaining experience in my field (computer science) but it’s hard to find a job closeby with my limited experience and within my available time frame *sigh*
  • Maintain a good GPA in my second and third semesters of college
  • Be more open minded towards others and more outgoing (it’s a work in progress)
  • Buy more books from independent book stores
  • Re-read more books

I guess that’s pretty much it. Can’t think of any others right now.

What’s your top goal for 2017?

On Goodbyes and Blog Hiatus

Hello lovely people of Earth who have stumbled upon this post. I have an announcement to make so pay attention to me:

I am saying goodbye

giphy (1)

for the month. 😀 Gotcha! Didn’t I? Yeah, probably not.

I will be travelling back to my home country (Bangladesh, if you’re wondering) for the month of July to visit family and such. So this is probably my first and last blog post for the month.

I am excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because, well, family (I’m going to see my niece for the first time!). Nervous because the world hasn’t exactly been the safest place lately.

Goals for the plane ride (cause you know, it takes forever):

  1. Read Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes and Michelle Rowen. I’ve heard good and bad things about this book. I’m hoping I’m with the former because I’m not bringing a backup book.
  2. Get some sleep. How do people even sleep on the plane? It’s a superpower, I tell you.
  3. Not die. That’s always a good goal to have, right?

Goals for when I’m there:

  1. Not get diarrhea (there’s always a chance)
  2. Spend time with family (which also means stay away from books. This one will take some practice).
  3. Not die. Again, great goal to have.

So… goodbye for now. Live freely and make all your dreams come true.

Are you any of you travelling in July?


On Graduating High School

Hello people! Hope you’re doing well and not currently going through a book hangover. I decided to do a life update post. This week, I will be graduating from high school. Wow. I guess it hasn’t really hit me yet.

Pros: I will probably be reading a lot more this coming month. Yay summer! And yay for being an introvert who doesn’t do much of anything else!

Cons: I’m a little terrified. Granted going to college/university isn’t really stepping into the real world but it’s much closer to the real world than high school is. And to me, the real world looks terrifying.

And with college also comes the need for me to get a job. I’ve never had an actual paying job before (does volunteering at the library and hiding whenever it seems like someone might come ask me a question count?). How does one even get a job? Do I actually have to go out and talk to people?


So, anyone else graduating this year? Any tips to surviving life after high school?